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【音声リスト】 1週間でマスター!! 仕事で使える英語フレーズ -電話編-

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Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(1) Thank you for calling ABC company.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(2) This is Keiko Taniguchi of ABC Corporation.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(3) How may I help you?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(4) May I have your name, please?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(5) May I have your company name, please?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(6) I’ll get someone who speaks English.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(7) Hold on, please.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(8) Could you hold for a moment?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(9) Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(10) Could you repeat your name?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(11) Could you spell your name?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(12) Speaking.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(13) Thank you for waiting.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(14) May I ask what number you are calling?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(15) You have the wrong number.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(16) Sorry?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(17) Could you say that again?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(18) Can you hear me?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(19) I can’t hear you.

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(20) Could you speak more slowly?

Ⅰ.応答フレーズ(21) Could you speak a little louder?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(1) Who would you like to speak to?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(2) I’ll connect you to the person in charge.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(3) We have two Suzuki. May I have his first name?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(4) I’m afraid there’s no one by that name here.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(5) May I ask what this is regarding?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(6) I’m afraid he is not available right now.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(7) He will be back at eleven-thirty.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(8) I think he’ll be back soon.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(9) I’ll have him call you back.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(10) May I take a message?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(11) Would you like to leave a message?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(12) I’ll give her a message.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(13) I’ll let her know you called.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(14) She won’t be in until next Tuesday.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(15) I’m not sure when he’ll be back.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(16) He works in another office.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(17) He already left the company.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(18) Shall I have her call you back?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(19) May I have your number?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(20) Let me repeat that.

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(21) 512-7890. Would that be right?

Ⅱ.取り次ぎフレーズ(22) Could you call back in half an hour?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(1) May I have your manager’s email address?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(2) Could you email or fax your message?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(3) I’ll email you later.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(4) Let me get back to you on that.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(5) I’m afraid I don’t have time to talk right now.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(6) Let me call you back in half an hour.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(7) When can I call you back?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(8) I’m afraid I have to go out now.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(9) Can we discuss is later?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(10) I just emailed you.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(11) I was just about to call you.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(12) Please let me know when you are available.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(13) How about sometime next week?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(14) Friday morning would be best for me.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(15) What’s the best way to reach you?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(16) Can we communicate by email?

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(17) I look forward to hearing from you.

Ⅲ.確認フレーズ(18) Thank you for calling.

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(1) May I have someone who speaks Japanese?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(2) Hello. Is this ABC Company?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(3) May I speak to Ms. Kerry, please?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(4) May I have the number to the sales department?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(5) May I have extension 101, please?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(6) I’ll call him back later.

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(7) I’ll call back in about 15 minutes.

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(8) Could you tell him to call me back?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(9) Could you take a message?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(10) I’m sorry but I’ll be about 15 minutes late.

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(11) Could you reschedule my appointment for next Wednesday?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(12) Could you tell me how to get to your office?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(13) I am calling to inquire about tomorrow’s meeting.

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(14) Could you email me the bill?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(15) Could you fax me the document?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(16) Could you send me the latest price list?

Ⅳ.問い合わせフレーズ(17) Thank you for your time.

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